Press Release, September 27, 2011

WebSynergys and The Multilingual Internet Group Announce the Launch of their World Tour in Cooperation with Deloitte on “New gTLDs : Towards a Global Multilingual Internet”.  Click here to read the full Press Release.


ICANN Approves Biggest Change in History to Internet's Domain Name System

On Monday 20 June 2011, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved during its Singapore meeting the plan to introduce the biggest change in history to the Internet Naming System thus increasing the number of Internet domain name extensions like .com, .net and .org commonly known as generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and introducing possibly hundreds new ones like .anything or .brand under a program called the “New gTLDs”.

Most significant change


WebSynergys and The Multilingual Internet Group Chairman Mr. Khaled Fattal called it: "Historically gigantic, but not without remaining challenges to be addressed and resolved".

What are these changes?

The new gTLD program means that new Internet addressing will no longer be limited to English anymore but will also be able to end with almost any language or script. Brand owners, corporations and local language communities anywhere around the world will have an opportunity to identify and promote themselves or their products or identities like never before by acquiring their own .whatever.

Who and How to apply for a new gTLD?

It is worth noting that this process is not for the faint of heart nor is it meant to be quick or swift. The rule book known as the “Guidebook” that governs this program and which is still work in progress is more than 350 pages and would be a challenge for the best of legal experts. It will also require considerable internal and external effort to formulate a successful new gTLD application. Application fees to ICANN are $185,000 per language and applicants will be expected to demonstrate financial, technical and operational capacity and commitment to manage and operate a new gTLD for the next 10 years.

Who can help you?
WebSynergys is a leader in the New gTLDs especially in IDNs and can help educate and inform you to understand your options to determine if applying for a new gTLD and in which language is right for your organization or not. Should you decide to apply for a new gTLD, WebSynergys will help you develop the necessary strategic and operational business plans as well as prepare your new gTLD application to give you the best chance of a successful application. WebSynergys will support you in navigating the implementation, launch and operation of your new gTLD. Applications can take an average of five to six months, WebSynergys strongly recommends that you get your initial assessment done without delay if you are considering applying. This initial assessment will help you determine all preliminary detail to help you make an informed decision to apply or not and how to budget for it, especially if you are a brand name. Deadlines you cannot afford to forget

ICANN will open the window of accepting applications for these new gTLDs on January 12, 2012 and will close it on April 12, 2012.

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Very soon WSI will soon announce its series of upcoming Road show seminars on The NEW gTLDs in major cities.

We will be in London, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and many other cities around the world covering Europe, North America, The Middle East, Asia, and the Far East. 

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Why Websynergy?


The Board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) voted at the conclusion of its June 2008 Paris meeting to adopt the recommendations of its Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) regarding appropriate standards and procedures for acceptance and review of applications for new gTLDs, and to continue with this process leading to acceptance of the first round of applications during 2009.

This represents new and unique never before seen opportunities in a global, networked economy. Ownership of a gTLD represents the ability to own one’s “brand” – whether established or newly created - at the highest level of the DNS in near-perpetuity. this New model for the expanding Domain Name System that will change the face of the internet forever.

Web Synergys Inc. has the COMPREHENSIVE knowledge and experience necessary not only in ASCII (English) but especially in IDNs  (see about us) to help you help assure success during the pre-application, review, and post-approval phases of managing your new gTLD Registry.

Write to us at for inquiries on the pending changes to the Internet and how they will affect you, your businesses, or your community and how you can identify and make the most of these opportunities.