Press Release, September 27, 2011

WebSynergys and The Multilingual Internet Group Announce the Launch of their World Tour on “New gTLDs: Towards a Global Multilingual Internet”.

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WeSynergys Inc. is rolling out Seminars and Critical Breifings in major cities around the world with Deloitte and its local offices around the world on the New gTLDs and IDN gTLDs, under the theme "Localization towards Globalization".

Cities like Cairo, Mumbai, Dubai, Hong Kong, and many others. Western cities like Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, as well as European cities are planned These seminars will be titled: 

"Harnessing The Unique Global Opportunities Of The Imminent Changes To The Internet That Will Change Its Face Forever." 

"Are You Prepared?"

These seminar are designed to inform and educate WebSynergys' prospective clients on the imminent changes to the Internet when the NEW gTLDs especially the IDN gTLDs are rolled out. Also, on the critical unavoidable decisions that must be considered, and on the risks and opportunities domestically and globally, but most of all, how to be prepared.

  BBC TV interview with ICANN CEO Paul Twomey on new gTLDs:

Video of ICANN Board Resolution, Singapore June 20, 2011  


By the end of the briefing you will:

  • Become aware of the imminent changes to the Internet and its DNS (Domain Name System)
  • Understand the NEW gTLD (generic Top Level Domains) and IDN gTLD (Internationalized Domain Names) processes
  • Understand  ICANN better as an authority and learn about its processes and how you can still influence the outcome
  • Recognise the risks and opportunities especially to trademark owners, businesses, and communities around the globe
  • Be in no doubt that you will be impacted
  • Become fully aware that if you don’t take proactive decisions, the actions of others may/ will be forced upon you

Who should attend?

CEO's, IP, Trademark, Brand Owners and Directors, Strategy Directors, in-house Intellectual Property lawyers, Association Leaders, Entrepreneurs

Service Providers in the fields of Brand & Communications, Digital Media, International Intellectual Property and Trademark Law, Business Consultancy, Academia and Information Technology

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Facts & Background

The Internet you know will start to change beyond recognition in the next 12-24 months. Today, this Internet primarily operates around 2 dozen or so existing gTLDs, the most well  known  are .com .org .net .biz .info etc.

This momentous change will come in the form of NEW gTLDs and IDN gTLDs. They will be created and authorized imminently. More than 500 are anticipated to be created and  deployed to sit alongside  .com and the others. They will not only be in English but also in other languages and scripts like Chinese, Arabic and many others (IDNs, Internationalized Domain Names)

Examples of new proposed gTLDs are .Sport, .Music .Berlin .Eco .Arab .Bank and many others that will be applied for by corporations, associations, communities and entrepreneurs

As a result of these NEW gTLDs, huge new opportunities will emerge. They will stem from the exponential growth from the current 1.4 billion Internet users to an estimated 4 billion + in perhaps less than half the time it took the first billion to get connected. Many of these new users will start to use the Internet in their native language, and for the first time ever

Attending our seminars will help you identify the tremendous risk and opportunities these NEW gTLDs will impact and represent to Brand owners, Trademark holders, as well as all communities especially those whose languages are not Latin based.

WebSynergys' COMPREHENSIVE knowledge and experience in this field manifested over the years (Read About us) can help those who stand to get impacted to maximize the Global Opportunities of these New gTLDs in ASCII (English) and / or IDNs in all stages, and assure themselves success during the pre-application, review, and post-approval phases of your application as well as managing it as an operational and technical Registry

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