WebSynergys Key Services in The New gTLDs and the Imminent Multilingual Internet coming Thru IDN gTLDs

Is Your Top Level Domain Protected from the Coming Multilingual Internet? Or Is It Ready To Communicate With Billions Of People In Their Native Tongue?

Research shows that the greatest growth in internet penetration and usage over the coming years will come from Asia, India and the Middle East, all places where the Latin alphabet is not the primary method of communication. Internationalized Domain Names gTLDs, “IDN gTLDs”, will be the global and primary means to reaching them.

All prospective New gTLD applicants need to examine if their Top Level Domain is either protected against the risks of IDN gTLDs or are ready to seize on this once in a lifetime global opportunity to communicate with these billions of people in their native tongue.

If you have not done so yet, WebSynergys, a member of The Multilingual Internet Group, can help you take full advantage of the New gTLD program by exploring whether applying for an Internationalized or IDN version of your Top Level Domain is the missing piece of your global TLD strategy.  

WebSynergys & The New gTLDs

WebSynergys offers a range of services designed to help prospective applicants in ICANN’s New gTLD program maximize the global opportunities and where necessary, minimize the risks of ASCII and IDN gTLDs.

The leadership team at WebSynergys has been at the forefront of enabling the Multilingual Internet across many local language communities around the world since the late 1990s and has been deeply involved in the process of developing IDN Top Level Domains within ICANN. We stand ready to assist you in determining if adding the IDN option to your gTLD strategy is the right move.

Key WebSynergys Services

  • Phase A Due Diligence
  • ASCII and IDN gTLDs Application Preparation
  • E-SOBM Assessment and Improvement vis a vis IDN gTLDs
  • Multilingual/ IDN Premium Domain Name Services
  • Web Localization and Translation
  • Web 2.0 - 3.0 Platform Development and Management
  • Critical Local Market Research and Data Intelligence

Phase A Due Diligence

This service is designed to help you perform Due Diligence on the upcoming Multilingual Internet that will come as a result of ICANN's New gTLD program.  Our unique evaluation process analyses your TLD strategy from global perspectives you may have overlooked and will validate and document whether you should apply for new ASCII and/or IDN gTLDs while factoring in local and global risks and opportunities the New gTLD program poses to your brand and business.

Phase A Due Diligence helps you focus on the best strings and languages to consider applying for and will improve the strength of your application as well as increase the potential for success in prospective markets and languages.

Ideal candidates for Phase A Due Diligence are those who:

A.      Want insight on the global risks and opportunities that come with the Multilingual Internet.

B.      Want make a fully informed decision about whether to apply an ASCII and/or IDN gTLD backed by globally recognized knowledge, experience and validation.

C.      Are interested in applying but want better insight on which languages to apply for, and why.

D.     Want to ensure an application effort that is fully coordinated with all relevant stakeholders.

E.      Want to enhance their current global Strategic and Operational Business Models with a new and decisive competitive edge.

F.       Have made the decision not to apply for IDNs but made this decision without a proper assessment of the opportunity.

ASCII and IDN gTLDs Application Preparation

WebSynergys will work with clients to prepare their application(s) to ensure completeness and compliance with the most recent version of the Applicant Guidebook found a www.icann.org.

E-SOBM Assessment and Improvement vis a vis IDN gTLDs 

WebSynergys will offer to client an assessment of their current SOBM–   Strategic & Operational Business Model Vis a Vis IDN gTLDs. 

This assessment helps visionary clients identify possible improvements to their current SOBM(s) and determine if leveraging and securing IDN gTLDs for their business and/or brands can help deliver new local, regional and/or global opportunities through a new Enhanced-SOBM, or E-SOBM.   

WebSynergys E-SOBM delivers a more advanced and effective deployment of TLD services, expansion and exposure in new markets, delivering greater awareness and better customer services.  

Multilingual/ IDN Premium Domain Name Services

For those clients interested in pursuing a premium names strategy, WebSynergys can provide Multilingual and IDN Premium Name services such as:

A.      Advance Selection of Premium Names in their IDN gTLDs string application

B.      Devising price maximizing strategies for the language(s) and community the string is aimed to operate in and support

C.      Sunrise and Land Rush Auction Management, Premium Name Sales and Management all of which especially designed to be harmonious and congruent with local language and community norms, customs and mores.  

Web Localization and Translation

WebSynergys will also offer clients Web Localization and Translation services into multiple local languages to support their gTLD application as well as organize their operational plans for local deployment. This will be designed around their SOBM or their new E-SOBM.  Web Localization and Translation services will be offered to clients through WebSynergys' sister companies, Live Multilingual Translator, and Ankabooot social network. 

Web 2.0 - 3.0 Platform Development and Management

WebSynergys can help clients assess and create their own stand alone Web 2.0 - 3.0 TLD platforms and/or integrate it into globally established Social Media platforms.  We will ensure that ASCII and IDN New gTLD efforts are tied into this overall strategy.

In Summation

Adding an IDN component to your TLD strategy may not be for everyone, but every TLD applicant should protect their TLD strategy by seeking to fully document and understand the local and global risks of IDN gTLDs and the coming Multilingual Internet.

However, exploring and acting in time and before the application window closes April 12, 2012 is only possible for those who are proactive and who wish take full advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to communicate with billions of new people and in their native tongue . Once the application window closes, it may be a minimum of 5 years before you can go back and add this component to your global Business and TLD strategy, assuming your ideal IDN string choice has not already been taken.  

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