Internationlized Domain Names, IDNs and the NEW gTLDs

IDNS are the most significant element of the NEW gTLDs for billions of people around the world. They are urls or domain names not in the English language but non Latin based languages like Chinese, Arabic Urdu and many others.

The new IDN gTLDs will revolutionize the Internet in ways many people cannot imagine. They will propel the number of Internet users to many billions in a very short time. Can you, your business, or your communities afford NOT to pay attention?

They represent the new horizons of new Internet users most commonly referred to as the "Next Billions of Internet users" and whose native language is not English.

The regions of the world whose native language is neither English nor Latin based represent more than 4 billion people of the world. IDNs will Empower those communities and present never before seen opportunities for businesses and Entrepreneurs that will link East with West and bridge the digital divide between North and South.

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