Press Release Jan 19, 2012

WebSynergys and Verisign Enter into Marketing and Referral Agreement to Address the Imminent Multilingual Internet Coming thru IDN gTLDs

January 19, 2012 - London, Los Angeles, Cairo, New Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong - WebSynergys,  a member of The Multilingual Internet Group,  and the leading provider of consulting services on the Multilingual Internet, Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) gTLDs and ICANN’s New gTLD program, announced today that it has entered into a marketing and referral agreement with Verisign, Inc. (“Verisign”), a leading provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world.

Under the agreement, Verisign will refer to WebSynergys applicants for New gTLDs seeking or in need of strategic and operational advice as well as comprehensive examination of the risks and opportunities of the coming Multilingual Internet that will be born thru IDN gTLDs, under ICANN's new gTLD program.  WebSynergys will in turn refer clients requiring registration and resolution services for new gTLDs to Verisign.

WebSynergys had previously announced on September 27, 2011 a cooperation and a global tour of emerging markets with Deloitte to provide advice to brand owners, Deloitte clients, and other prospective applicants of the risks and opportunities of the coming Multilingual Internet, IDN gTLDs, and the New gTLD program.

On January 12, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) opened the application window for a historic expansion of domain extensions beyond the current twenty-two generic top level domains.  No longer limited by top level domains in Latin characters, applicants from around the world will soon be able to apply and operate top level domains in their own native languages to connect with the billions of people across the globe for whom English is not a native language. 

Led by The Multilingual Internet Group Chairman Mr. Khaled Fattal, a pioneer in Internet Multilingualization and the Internationalized Domain Name space, WebSynergys offers an extensive array of services ranging from strategic business model assessment, and IDN gTLD application preparation, to web translation and localization for New gTLD Applicants.

All WebSynergys services are designed to help prospective applicants in ICANN’s New gTLD program maximize the global opportunities and where necessary, minimize the risks of IDN gTLDs and English based (ASCII) gTLDs.

The next billion Internet users will come online in the next couple of years, not the next 20."Khaled Fattal said. He added: “They are the people whose native tongue is Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Cyrillic, Chinese and other non Latin Scripts and who had been left out of the English Internet.  If New gTLD applicants don't have a validated IDN strategy in place and in time, regardless of whether they plan to apply or not, they run the grave risk of compromising their brand in the global marketplace, missing out on connecting with these billion new Multilingual Internet users and the potential market opportunities these new users represent for years to come. This failure to capture a global competitive advantage could result in your competitors gaining an advantage in growing markets."

Fattal concluded with saying, "We have been pushing for a Multilingual Internet and IDN Top Level Domains since the late 1990s, and although we still see challenges ahead, it is very humbling to see the vision and ideals we advocated for many years, to now be on the verge of becoming a reality.

It is still not too late for prospective applicants, and applicants who are primarily focused on Latin scripts gTLDs but who have not incorporated an IDN strategy into their plans to act without further delay to minimize the risks and not miss out on fully maximizing the opportunity of the coming Multilingual Internet, IDN gTLDs and the new gTLD Program, in time long before the application window closes April 12, 2012.

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WebSynergys is a consulting firm focused on helping clients take full advantage in leveraging the biggest change in history to the Internet and its Domain Name System and the  Multilingual Internet coming thru IDN gTLDs and The New gTLDs program, and is part of The Multilingual Internet Group The Group consists of other companies and an NGO, all of which are Internet based and focused on delivering products and services towards a global Multilingual (ML) Internet. They include: Ankabooot, The First Global Social Network to break the language barrier, launched November 2009 during The United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt. Live Multilingual Translator which translates English Websites to Arabic live and online with adherence to Language syntax and grammar, LMT is also used by the United Nations Internet Governance forum since 2007. ArabicSSL™ SSL Certification based on International SSL standards and recognition. MINC, The Multilingual Internet Names Consortium - an NGO that has lead and pioneered on the Multilingualization of the Internet.

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