Our Company

Web Synergys Inc. has is a consultancy and management comapny with a COMPREHENSIVE knowledge and experience necessary to help you maximize the Global opportunities of the new gTLDs in ASCII (English)  and / or IDNs at all stages. We will help assure the success during the pre-application, review, and post-approval phases of your application of your new gTLDs as well as managing it as an operational and technical Registry.

Our Executive Team

 Mr. Khaled Fattal - Chairman & CEO.

Mr. Khaled Fattal is an Arab-American, who has resided in the West for more than 35 years. He is Group Chairman of The Multilingual Internet Group - www.MLiGrp.com - which consists of a number of companies and an NGO with the mission to empower and link the emerging markets of billions of current and future Non-English Internet users / citizens / consumers with the English Internet and the rest of the world. (See links below).

Fattal has had a long association with ICANN dating back to its earliest days and is a recognized expert on multilingual expansion of the Internet and on Internationalized Domain Names, IDNs, thru his early leadership of MINC, the Multilingual Internet Names Consortium. He also serves on ICANN President’s Advisory Committee on International Domain Names, by special invitation from the ICANN President /CEO at the formation of this ICANN President Advisory Committee in 2005.

Fattal has also been very active locally and internationally to empower the non- English speaking world over the Internet since the late 1990s, and has led on Multilingualizing the English Internet at United Nations Processes, at ICANN and many others. As MINC Chairman, he was directly involved in the UN World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) 2001-2005 and was instrumental in securing the clause on “Multilingualism of the Net” in the UN Geneva WSIS Declaration of Principles of December 2003. He was invited by the UN and to participate in the first ever Internet Governance Consultations at the United Nations in New York in 2004. He has also served, since 2005, on the ICANN President’s Advisory Committee on Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) www.icann.org. The fruits of all these efforts have today started springing up thru local language Domain Names also known as IDNs in many Country Codes around the world in Cyrillic for Russia, Indian and Chinese languages as well as in Arabic in many Arab countries like Egypt, UAE, Tunisia, Jordan and others, and very soon under ICANN’s New gTLDs program with IDN gTLDs where the vast majority of next multi-billion internet users will come from.

Today his Multilingual Internet Group of companies play a significant role in empowerment of local communities. In 2008-2009 his Live Multilingual Translator (LMT) covered the US Presidential Elections in Arabic to communities which stood to be impacted by its results but in which they had no direct vote. LMT brought western News and English websites like Obama’s and McCain’s election sites and continue today with Time Magazine, Washington Post, Guardian, China Times and Tehran Times to name a few and translating them to Arabic live and in real time bringing unedited American and western perspectives of the US news in Arabic.

“LMT” today translates the UN IGF website to Arabic, www.Intgovforum.org  

Today, Ankabooot global social Network is a platform that has “LMT” translation embedded to further assist its users to break language Barriers and permit them to cross languages and read content created in other languages. Fattal also launched in 2010 the first localized SSL certification called ArabicSSL.

The Multilingual Internet Group currently includes:

* Ankabooot, the first Social Network to break the language barrier. www.Ankabooot.com  

*ArabicSSL, (™ شهادات الضمان العربية) the first in the world to offer localized SSL Secure Certification, like Mowathak, Moassassat and Nitaqat Arabic SSL Certificates. www.ArabicSSL.net   

*Live Multilingual Translator www.LMTranslator.com  

*WebSynergys Inc which guides applicants thru the ICANN process in applying for their own Dot.Brand or Dot community, specializing in IDN strategies and operations. www.WebSynergys.com  

*MINC, The Multilingual Internet Names Consortium, an International NGO that called for and pioneered a Multilingual Internet. www.minc.org  

* Ankabooot telecom, (VOIP). www.Ankabooot.com  

*Ankabooot Domain and Web Services. http://domains.ankabooot.net  

• International Business Enterprises, Limited (IBE, Ltd.) since 1995.

• Fattal is Founding member and acting Executive Director of Arabic Internet Names Consortium (AINC)
• He is also Advisory Board Member of the Dot Asia TLD and Registry.
• Former President of Waqalat Arbitration Center; New Delhi, India.

In June 2007 Mr. Fattal successfully challenged the Board of ICANN during the ICANN Public Forum San Juan, Puerto Rico meeting demanding they clarify ICANN's board position on IDNs and whom IDNs are meant to serve first and foremost, and the ICANN board clarify its position on this fundamental consideration for the expansion of Internet (now known as new gTLDs. This public intervention by Mr. Fattal resulted in ICANN’s Board adopting 2 IDN resolutions the next day, ICANN"s first ever IDNs Resolutions, and publicly attributing its action to Mr. Fattal's vision and intervention.

Mr. Fattal is trilingual. He received his B. S. in Business Administration, specializing in International Finance and Marketing, from the; and his MBA in International Business from California State University at Los Angeles.